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About Summit

Summit Aviation began humbly: one pilot, one aircraft, and one small hangar.

Two decades later with a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, a full staff of over 60 charter and corporate pilots, qualified flight instructors, and aviation sales professionals, we've evolved into the Rocky Mountain Northwest's premier aviation service company. We take the "complicated" out of all your aviation needs and guide you smoothly through any turbulence.


Private Jet Charter

Summit’s exclusive charter service ensures the specific needs of businesses, leisure travelers, and families are met.

Our on-demand private air travel features hassle-free conveniences and endless destinations, eliminating security lines, lost luggage, worries and delays, providing a new standard of air travel that puts you in control. Your schedule is our schedule.

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Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Our aircraft sales and acquisitions team is comprised of highly dedicated professionals with extensive aircraft sales and acquisitions experience and an in-house Certified Aircraft Appraiser.

We proudly offer a wide selection of aircraft, from single engine pistons to large luxury jets, and provide a purchasing assistance program for the most discerning clients. Summit’s aircraft sales and acquisitions clients benefit from our years of valuable connections with national aviation dealers, brokers, industry publications, and an esteemed network of satisfied clientele.

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Aircraft Management

Our aircraft management team consists of a unique blend of talented and respected general aviation industry professionals who have strong credentials and proven track records.

On a combined basis, our principals and managers have over 50 years of aviation operations, management, and customer service experience. We are confident we will provide the best quality of aircraft management service available in the industry.

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Flight Training

Our flight school is FAA Part 141 approved and built on a foundation of exceptional flight training with expertise in mountain flying and grooming aviators for successful careers.

We offer a full menu of instruction options from private, instrument and commercial to multiengine, ATP and CFI ratings, with tailored ground schools for accelerated learning opportunities.

Outfitted with Garmin avionics, including the G1000, our meticulously maintained state-of-the-art Diamond aircraft form a fleet of the safest trainers in the world. Paired with flight simulators and an air traffic control tower, Summit offers one of the most advanced, exciting and rewarding flight training experiences available.

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Whether you are on your way to earning a private pilot license, purchasing an aircraft, or traveling to destinations near or far, Summit Aviation can get you where you need to go with the utmost of safety, comfort, and confidence.

Meet Our Team

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Ben Walton



Jessica Denby


Schwahn, Janine.jpg

Janine Schwahn

Director of Operations

Schwahn, Mike.jpg

Mike Schwahn

Chief Pilot/ Charter Captain


Dan Barnes

Director of Maintenance

Brad Johnson.jpg

Brad Johnson

Maintenance Controller

Pat Sinnott.jpg

Patrick Sinnott

Charter Sales & Flight Logistics Manager

Kristie Hurst.jpg

Kristie Hurst

Charter Sales & Operations

Elizabeth Baldwin3.jpg

Elizabeth Baldwin

Charter Sales & Operations


Drew Myers

Aircraft Sales

Casey Amis2.jpg

Casey Amis

Aircraft Sales/Mentor Pilot

Andrew Dreebin2.jpg

Andrew Dreebin

Aircraft Sales

JohnCraker 2.jpg

John Craker


Robin Heise 2.jpg

Robin Heise

Office Manager

Jen Nunes2.jpg

Jen Nunes

Project Manager

Steve Cross.jpg

Steve Cross

Charter Captain

Tucker Ott2.jpg

Tucker Ott

Charter Captain

Carlos Bolognini.jpg

Carlos Bolognini

Charter Captain


Derrick Erickson


Randall Holliday.jpg

Randall Holliday


Kurt Keyes.jpg

Kurt Keyes


Charlie White.jpg

Charlie White

Charter Captain


Jason Grafel

Charter Captain

Steve Lamphier.jpg

Steve Lamphier

Charter Captain

Glenn Vogel.jpg

Glenn Vogel

Charter Captain

Ken Anderson.jpg

Ken Anderson

Charter Captain

Hansell, Drew.jpg

Drew Hansell

Charter Captain


Jonathan Thompson

Charter Captain


Rob Farina Jr.

Charter Captain


Paul Proffett

Charter Captain


Jeff Modrow

Charter Pilot

Delbert Beachy3.jpg

Delbert Beachy

Charter Pilot

Emrick Laurent2.jpg

Emrick Laurent

Charter Pilot

Rob Nicholson2.jpg

Rob Nicholson

Charter Pilot


Austin Larson

Charter Pilot

Ryan Norvell.jpg

Ryan Norvell

Charter Pilot

Stefano Comilo.jpg

Stefano Comi

Charter Pilot

Jess Padden.jpg

Jess Padden

Charter Pilot/ Certified Flight Instructor


Alec Hoard

Charter Pilot/ Certified Flight Instructor

Steve Garvine.jpg

Steve Garvine

Chief Instructor/ Charter Pilot

Peta Sheridan.jpg

Peta Sheridan

Chief Instructor

Kasey Kaminski.jpg

Kasey Kaminski

Certified Flight Instructor


Joe McEniry

Certified Flight Instructor

Missy Harlow2.jpg

Missy Harlow

Certified Flight Instructor

Tyler Miller.jpg

Tyler Miller

Certified Flight Instructor

Cannon Milligan.jpg

Cannon Milligan

Certified Flight Instructor

Miles Suberg.jpg

Miles Suberg

Certified Flight Instructor

Logan Trapp.jpg

Logan Trapp

Certified Flight Instructor

Connor McCain.jpg

Connor McCain

Certified Flight Instructor

Alex Healy.jpg

Alex Healy

Certified Flight Instructor

Andrew Borash.jpg

Andrew Borash

Certified Flight Instructor

Michael Demko2.jpg

Michael Demko

Certified Flight Instructor

Zach Emilson.jpg

Zach Emilson

Certified Flight Instructor

Chance Rhein2.jpg

Chance Rhein

Certified Flight Instructor


Hattie Cavill

Certified Flight Instructor

2019 FTAWARDS_FTEA_Distinguished_School.png

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