2020 Daher TBM940

The Daher TBM 940 is a high-performance turboprop aircraft known for its speed, efficiency, and advanced avionics. Some of the benefits of the TBM 940 include:

  • Performance- The TBM 940 has impressive short-field performance, allowing it to takeoff and land on relatively short runways.

  • Range- The aircraft has an impressive range, capable of flying non-stop for up to1,730 nautical miles (1,990 miles or3,200 kilometers) with standard fuel tanks. This range allows for efficient long-distance travel.

  • Speed- The TBM 940 can cruise at a maximum speed of approximately330 knots (380 mph or 611 km/h),making it one of the fastest turboprop aircraft in its class.

  • Fuel Efficiency- This aircraft is known for its fuel efficiency, thanks to the TBM 940'smodern turboprop engine and advanced aerodynamics.

*All specifications and representations of the aircraft are intended as introductory only and subject to verification by the Buyer. Aircraft may lease, sell, or be removed from the market with out notice.

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