Full-Time Position for Part-Time Phenom 300 Captain and Part-Time Administrative Role

Summit is growing and we are seeking to separate some of our administrative roles in conjunction with an as-needed Phenom 300 Captain position.

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This is a posting you don't normally see because we are a company that you normally don't see. If you haven't heard of Summit Aviation in Bozeman, Montana then here is the short list: We are firstly, at our core, an instructional facility. But along with that comes our 91 Aircraft Management, 135 Charter, Sales and Acquisitions and exceptional customer and employee care.

In all our interactions we strive to follow our mission to “deliver an extraordinary aviation experience” and by “taking an active personal interest in everyone we meet.” At Summit, our customers and employees are family. We are deeply committed to providing exceptional service and operating in their best interest and are looking for highly experienced individuals who share our values to join our team.

If you've been with a growing company, then you know that we all wear many hats in the early years. Now in our 21st year, we are looking to distribute some administrative titles, while adding a reserve Phenom 300 Captain to our team. Would you make a good Safety and Security Manager or Training Program Director? Maybe you want to dip a wing in- be an Assistant to one of these positions. If you have a deep understanding of the aviation and regulatory side of these positions and a passion to excel, then I want to talk to you.

Please note, this is a full-time position for a single individual to serve as a Phenom 300 Captain when the need arises, while simultaneously serving in one of the above roles.


  • Must hold EMB-505 Type along with the following qualifications:
  • ATP
  • 3000 hours total flight time
  • 1500 hours total PIC time
  • 250 hours PIC time in type
  • Applicant must hold a First Class Medical and a clean record

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